Take Two, Day 12: Kinda Dressed Up

So I’m repeating the prompts from the #31days31waysremix, and the Day 12 prompt is to get a little dressed up.

Um, kay.  Normally, not a big deal – I love an excuse to dress up! But, it’s TaeKwonDo Wednesday, which severely limits my clothing options – it must be modular, meaning I need to be able to strip down to a workout outfit, then dress it back up for the rest of the day at homeschool co-op.

Here’s what I came up with:


Last month’s Day 12 look

So the workout outfit was capri leggings (that you can’t see) and the gold-striped tank that comprises my bottom layer on top.  It’s suprisingly warm in the gym!  Especially with all the running and push-ups we had to do today, whew!

I’ve never layered this polka-dot shirt with a cardigan (as a layered cardigan?) before, but I  kinda like it!  My outfit possibilities just multiplied!

Cardigan: 89th & Madison (via Fred Meyer, similar), Polka Dot Blouse: Old Navy (print no longer available, similar-ish), Tank: Merona (thrifted), Skirt: Lily Lou (similar), Boots: Merrell, Necklace: local consignment shop


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