TARDIS Tuesday: B Team Strikes Again

So I’ve been *mostly* sticking to my capsule wardrobe (there have been a couple late additions and a pair or two of shoes – but honestly, I think I haven’t worn at least one pair that I included so it’s a wash, right?) 😉



ANYHOO. I ended up wearing two pieces that I never would have chosen to pair together but for needing a new TARDIS Tuesday ensemble. The bright cobalt and mellow washed-out grape color of the shirt would have never been a natural choice for me – I would instinctually go for the formula bright + neutral, not bright color + faded color. But like this other color + color b-team look, it turns out that with the right (neutral) accessories I actually really, really like this combo! The cordovan boots kind of brown-out the shirt and the leopard ties it all up in a bow.

Well played, capsule wardrobe. Well. Played.

Shirt: Gap (thrifted) | Bluetiful Pixie Pants: Old Navy (color no longer available, but they have some cute prints!) | Quilted Colleen Boots: Merona | Scarf: Collection 18 (unavailable)

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7 thoughts on “TARDIS Tuesday: B Team Strikes Again

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Lol. So I was just having a rousing discussion about “voice” with a few of my good kids today and I was bemoaning the fact that one simply can’t teach voice. One has to experience it and immerse oneself in it and be able to recognize it in others before being able to replicate one’s own. If I recall correctly, it was your voice that intrigued me and got me stalking your blogs in the first place. Well played, Chessa’s voice. Well played indeed! (Oh, and the fab TARDIS Tuesday ensemble is brill as well! I love your b-color combos!)


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