Thoughtful Third Thursday: Montana Mystery Edition

ERMAHGAD! We moved to Montana!!!!

And it’s totally awesome. Even though I’m living in a LOT of boxes and nothing is where it should be and I don’t know how to organize my kitchen.

So during the move I decided I realllllly wanted to read a book set in Montana. BUT. I don’t love Westerns.  They are just generally too much of a sausage fest for me.  I’m like – where are the LADIES?! 

But I digress!  I found kind of the perfect book. Set in Montana in a small town.  The lead character, Erin Murphy, is a foodie who just moved home to MT from Seattle (!!!).  And it’s a mystery.  So Seattle–>Montana + Food + Mystery = The perfect book for Chessa while she moves!

Check it out for yourself: Death Al Dente by Leslie Budewitz

I am currently waiting for the second book to become available at the library (Crime Rib! Ha!!!). 

One of the recurring outfit elements that Erin mentions is her kick-ass red boots.  Alas, I have no red boots, but I thought the cordovan could probably substitute okay.  I’d digging the cozy cardigan (picked up at Costco of all places) paired with my favorite scarf and the boots for a fall look that would be at home in Seattle or Montana. 

(Forgive me for the dark photos – I’m still trying to figure out the best place at the new house for selfies!)



Cardigan: Costco | T-shirt: American Apparel | Jeans: Thrifted | Belt: Stolen from a best friend | Scarf: thrifted | Cordovan Quilted Boots: Target 

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5 thoughts on “Thoughtful Third Thursday: Montana Mystery Edition

  1. Congrats on the move! What a beautiful place! I’m not a big mystery reader, but my mom is and loves the Longmire books and TV show. The show is on Netflix.


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