Wordless Wednesday: The Tequila Fallout Edition

Sometimes your friend calls you and says, “I’m having bad parenting moment.  Can we go get a drink?”  And you get to say, “HELL YES, let’s get that drink.”  Continue reading


Take Two, Day 12: Kinda Dressed Up

So I’m repeating the prompts from the #31days31waysremix, and the Day 12 prompt is to get a little dressed up.

Um, kay.  Normally, not a big deal – I love an excuse to dress up! But, it’s TaeKwonDo Wednesday, which severely limits my clothing options – it must be modular, meaning I need to be able to strip down to a workout outfit, then dress it back up for the rest of the day at homeschool co-op. Continue reading

Take Two, Day Five: Stuff on My Head

I’m running through the prompts from #31days31waysremix for the second time, and the prompt for Day 5 was: Add a Hat or Scarf (on yer head).

So, this was tricky because, if you’ve been following along, on many Wednesdays I have Family TaeKwonDo at our homeschooling co-op on Wednesdays – so I knew a hat was out.  I decided to reprise my scarf from this challenge the first time around, but with a different (modular!) outfit. Continue reading

Day 22: Modular Outfit!

It’s Day 22 of shopping my closet for new outfits, and I’ll admit it: today was a cheat day.  I didn’t follow the prompt! 😛

Most Wednesdays I take a Family TaeKwonDo class with my 4-year-old at the Homeschool Co-Op that I help organize.  It’s held in a community center, and it’s not super convenient to change my clothes there, SO I try to come up with a modular outfit that can transform from cute to workout-ready back to cute again! Continue reading