Chambray Trials

The Putting Me Together Style Challenge this week is to take inspiration from Pinterest – noooo problem! Continue reading

diptich of me wearing: cream cardigan, clear cherry red scarf, black t-shirt dress, gray tights and gray booties
Diptich of me wearing: charcoal cardigan, black polka-dot blouse, wine -colored jeans, black knee boots, mustard cowl

Remix Wrap-Up: Lessons Learned

It’s been a week since the last day of the #31days31waysremix prompt went out – Halloween was the final day.  When Saturday morning rolled around, I’m not going to lie – I felt a little adrift.  This was my first fashion-related challenge of any kind, and I really missed the direction that the prompt leant to my daily outfit selection (I’m fickle that way – I love a suggestion, hate a mandate.  I have to make very loose meal plans and homeschooling schedules! 😉 )

So, as you might have seen – I’ve decided to run through the prompts again!  It can’t hurt, right?  I’m sure there’s still plenty to learn, and plenty of new outfits to unearth.  It’s neat, because the daily prompts fall on different days of the week this month, which actually makes quite a difference to me, since my outfit needs vary widely day to day.  Follow along this month as I try to come up with new outfits for the prompts once again! (I’m calling it Take Two). Continue reading

Day 28: Neutrals

Day 28‘s prompt was to try an outfit comprised solely of neutrals.

Easy peasy, right? I mean, I wear a LOT of neutrals!

It still took me a couple of tries to get one I liked.  I like this, but don’t LOVE it.  Feels a little generic. But it was a comfy look for hanging around the house, making orange playdough, playing Just Dance Kids and reading aloud to my boys (we’re currently reading The Unwanteds by Lisa McCann.)



image I missed my burgundy cardigan; it’s chilly in our house now that Fall has finally taken hold!

I did feel very daring in my white t-shirt – this is a stretch for me! (They don’t call me Chessa Messa for nothing!) Thank goodness for Old Navy sales that set the bar really low for this experiment. If it’s a disaster, hey, it was only $6!  That’s like 1.5 lattes. 😉

T-shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: Lily Lou (thrifted, similar), Scarf: Collection 18 (via Fred Meyer), Shoes: LifeStride, Copper Cuff: gift from a lovely friend. 🙂