Wordless Wednesday: Attitude Problem

Not really, but I just wasn’t really very smiley for today’s photos, so it kinda looks like I’m spoiling for a fight. I’m really just spoiling for a nap. ūüėČ Sick kids. Whaddayagonnado? Continue reading


Take Two, Day 10: Reruns

I’m repeating the #31days31waysremix¬†prompts for a second time, and the Day 10 prompt was to wear something that you wore the day before.I remembered this after I put the majority of the pieces I wore yesterday in the dirty laundry basket. :/

So I went with repeating accessories. ¬†And rest assured: I’m sooooo okay with repeating pieces the next day. ¬†Not a phobia of mine at all. Truly. ¬†If it’s not funky or stained, I’m all about conserving my laundry energy! Continue reading