Take Two, Day 11: Fandom Formula

So you guys know I’m a total geek, right?  No?  It’s true: I love science fiction and fantasy (SF exploring gender/feminism and/or first contact are my fave, but I also love utopia/dystopia!).  I love animation, comic books (Saga is absolutely blowing my mind lately), Doctor Who, Sherlock, Firefly, Marvel movies, Star Wars, fanfiction, video games, etc.  I’ve been to SF conventions, SF/Linux conventions, Sherlock conventions, etc.  I love nerdiness, fandom, and the unabashed willingness to be enthusiastic about things that I find fun/cool/interesting.

So, of course, it spills over into my clothing choice on occasion.  I’ve been trying to figure out ways to include some of my nerdier T-shirts in outfits are a little more than just jeans + tee. Continue reading


Days 18 & 19: Scarves and Favorites

It’s the weekend round-up over here and Days 18 & 19 of the #31days31waysremix hosted by Greater Than Rubies.

Day 18: Scarf It Up

So the prompt was to wear a scarf in a new way.  No problem! I have several scarves, and I love wearing them!



I actually did wear this out of the house to grocery shop – even the kick-ass vintage gray leather jacket!  I’ve had it for years, but it doesn’t get nearly enough use.

I love this red infinity scarf that I picked up at Anthropologie a few years ago.  I usually wear it double-looped, but I decided to take the prompt seriously and try wearing it a new way – so I knotted that sucker. I actually liked the look! So yay for experimentation. 🙂

Day 19: A New Look on an Old Favorite

I had to do a little soul-searching on this one. I even asked my husband, do I *have* a go-to look? He asked, “Before or after kids?” Geez, there was more than one answer? Yikes! 😉

I realized that one formula I wear pretty often is: jeans + tank + cardigan + scarf. It feels put together but casual and comfortable, which is like the mom trifecta, amirite?


This tank and scarf are new in the past three months, where the jeans, shoes and cardigan are nearing ancient status. I liked mixing the old with the new.

This was a great outfit for the day, since we ended up walking downtown on this gorgeous (70 degree!) fall day – the layers were very useful and I ended up discarding the cardi and the scarf by time we got home! I run really warm. 😉