Take Two, Day 13: Old Standby

It’s my second pass through the #31days31waysremix prompts, and we’re on Day 13: an old standby.

Before I took an engaged interest in leveling up my style, one of my “uniforms” was tunic + leggings + boots, so I thought I’d do a new outfit with that formula – I haven’t been employing it much lately (a lot of my tunic-length shirts have tiny holes and I haven’t bothered replacing them).

Here’s the deal:


Last month’s Day 13 look (another favorite from last month!)

I couldn’t stand another day of black boots, so I said, “To hell with it!” and wore my other pair of Merrells (my first loves!), even though they have button covers missing. It just had to be done!

Flexing my pattern mixing chops with the leopard scarf and striped leggings – stronger by the minute! 😉

Shirt: Trouvé (thrifted), Striped Leggings: Old Navy (sold out!), Scarf: Collection 18 (via Fred Meyer), Boots: Merrell.


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