Wordless Wednesday: Bright Color Edition

I love this flannel shirt on the hanger – but I just never love any look where I’m actually wearing it. I will keep trying though! Continue reading

tryptich of me in a yellow cowl, cream cardigan, indigo v-neck tee, gray & black striped leggings and black knee boots.

Take Two, Day 13: Old Standby

It’s my second pass through the #31days31waysremix prompts, and we’re on Day 13: an old standby.

Before I took an engaged interest in leveling up my style, one of my “uniforms” was tunic + leggings + boots, so I thought I’d do a new outfit with that formula – I haven’t been employing it much lately (a lot of my tunic-length shirts have tiny holes and I haven’t bothered replacing them). Continue reading

Take Two, Day 7: Waist, Defined

I’m running through the prompts of the #31days31waysremix a second time – I’m not done coming up with new outfits yet!

Day 7 Prompt: Define Your Waist

This is actually one of the bigger outfit tricks that I took away from the challenge the first time (even though I didn’t mention it on my 10 lessons that I learned – I thought of it after the fact!).  It’s a detail that I didn’t pay conscious attention to in the past, and it’s been interesting to make adjustments to old stand-by outfits with this in mind.  Here’s today’s deal: Continue reading