Blogging Besties: Skinnies + Print

The options: cobalt blue, olive green, printed blouse, skinny jeans, cargo vest, nude leather, geometric prints, and glitter/metallics.

I offer you the (sort of?) cobalt, printed blouse and skinny jeans. 🙂



I was really digging the black and white chucks with the black and white polka dot blouse. 🙂

Cardigan: Worthington (thrifted)| Polka Dot Blouse: HeartSoul (thrifted)| Skinny Jeans: Vanilla Star (thrifted) | Sneakers: Converse (via Marshalls)

Linking Up With:
Blogging Besties (Whitney a la mode & Undergraduate Style)


5 thoughts on “Blogging Besties: Skinnies + Print

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Look at you with the Chucks! So proud! And yes, the black and white book-ending of the blouse and shoes is a real visual treat. You know, I think we should make an official linkup for Chucks Fridays. Whaddaya say? Yes? Now if only we can come up with a clever name for it…


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