Week in Review: Take Two, Days 1-7

Here’s a look back at the first week of Take Two (wherein I take a second stab at the prompts from the #31days31waysremix).


Links to each day:

Day 1: Color + Pattern

Day 2: Cuffs

Day 3: Celebrity Inspo & Kick-Ass Coats

Day 4: Color Families

Day 5: Stuff on My Head

Day 6: Color, Pattern, Texture, Shine

Day 7: Waist, Defined

I think my two favorites from the week were Day 1 and Day 6. How about you?

Linking up:
WIWW (The Pleated Poppy)


8 thoughts on “Week in Review: Take Two, Days 1-7

    • The TARDIS blue cardigan got a lot of wear-time this week! We’ve been watching 10’s first season lately as a family (I’ve seen them all, but the kids/husband haven’t). It’s so fun! Though we’re about to lose Rose, which is like the heart-wrenching-est episode ever? Or at least one of them.


      • mtsedwards says:

        I am not a Rose fan in retrospect but I bet marathon watching it straight through would break my heart all over again. Are the kids loving it? How old are they again?


      • 8 and almost 5. They are weirdly immune to scariness, so they’ve been loving it. (Kids are so different about scariness! My 8 year old has a 9 year old buddy that can basically only tolerate Totoro/Winnie-the-Pooh movies. My kids are like, Can we watch LotR again?)

        It’s funny which ones they don’t like – we just watched the one where the Doctor and Rose are hardly in it and there’s the weird scary absorbing alien (and the actress who plays Moaning Myrtle ends up as a face in a tile?) I love that one, but my oldest was soooo bored! He wanted more Doctor, I guess. 😉


      • mtsedwards says:

        Oh, I remember that episode! It’s actually one of the Doctor/companion-lite eps. I didn’t particularly enjoy either, so I have to concur with your children here. In comparison to Blink or The Lodger or Turn Left, it’s not as compelling, yeah? Although Moaning Myrtle’s appearance was quite fun.


      • Yeah, those are all great! And definitely better than Love & Monsters. I think I have a soft spot for it, since it was my first Doctor/Companion-lite eps.

        Blink is one of my favorites of all! I can’t wait for it to come up in the rewatch!


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