About Chessa

I’m Chessa, an outgoing introvert!  I love to read and watch science fiction, fandom in all of its many flavors, (but particularly Sherlock and things to do with Tom Hiddleston).  I love to cook and eat but hate washing dishes.  I love to sing karaoke, could spend all day in Powell’s City of Books, love the beach on a cloudy day (no, really!) and love to worship in the church of nature. Oh, and I play guitar and ukulele, make up spontaneous songs, love thrifting clothes and am 100% a feminist!

I also happen to be the homeschooling mom to two young boys, so I’m steeped in a lot of kid gaming culture.  My youngest has finally just hit the age where I feel like I’m getting some breathing room – I’m not only in surviving-small-children-mode anymore!  I have time to think about things – like fashion!  Oh yeah!  I love clothes!  And newsflash: I don’t have to only wear yoga pants and t-shirts!  It’s been a revelation, I tell ya.

So just like when I kick ass playing the Marvel Avengers Lego game with my kids, I realized I can also do this: level up my style.  Take it up a notch.  Out of survival and into thrival?  Ok, that’s not a word, but I’m feeling it anyway.

Time to play with clothes!

Pinterest profile:  chessah
Instagram profile: chessakat


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