Pockets = Magic

I didn’t get an outfit photo today – my remote shutter is outta juice and I almost burned my house down today by accident (left the house with a GRILLED CHEESE COOKING. In a cast iron pan. On the stove top.  For two hours!). Thank goodness nothing caught fire, but DUDE. I am tired and spent from adrenaline!

So instead, I give you this: Me, unwrapping my very first box from ThredUP.



And the best part: the moment that I realized my new dress has POCKETS.


And the cool back!


Have you tried ThredUP? I am a convert for sure after this experience! My special code thingy is here – You get $10 off your first purchase, and I probably get a kickback, too. Win-win!

Okay, internet.  Now I need accessories for this dress.  And shoes.  Beach wedding in Cancun.  Halp! 😉

Dress: Jessica Howard dress, new with tags, via ThredUP

Linking Up With:
Thrift Sisters (Two Stylish Kays & Thrifting Diva)


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