TARDIS Tuesday: Rose Tyler Edition

Otherwise known as: OMG, I actually don’t own mascara day. Who knew?





When I saw this pin, I knew I had everything to recreate it. Minus the blonde hair and mascara. 😉
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Confession: I totally cheated on my capsule wardrobe today with these jeans (well, and the converse are a late edition).  I figure it’s fair game for TARDIS Tuesday, don’tchathink?

And Maricel, you have to know that I GOT DRESSED FOR YOU TODAY. Because I had no where to be and could’ve stayed in my pajamas ALL DAY. But I managed this for you, for TARDIS Tuesday! 😉

What do you think? Are you seeing the Rose in me?

Hoodie: Terrible, too-small deal on Eversave. Never again. | Tank top: Merona (thrifted) | Flared jeans: Levi’s (thrifted) | Sneakers: Converse (via Marshalls)

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3 thoughts on “TARDIS Tuesday: Rose Tyler Edition

  1. Yep, totally seeing Rose! Brilliant (and I am storing this idea away for a future TARDIS Tuesday as I could totally do this too!) – ha, ha, yes, I now get dressed one day a week for Maricel! The power that lady has!x


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