It’s not *that* 80’s…

The tying of the chambray, I mean.
I always feel like a 9-year-old girl when I think about tying button-down shirts like this. Because remember those cropped t-shirts with the ties ? I do. *shudders*




But look! I did it, and I even went out in public. And no one pointed and laughed (that I saw, anyway). 😉

Sorry for the several non-posting days.  I had some bizarre and exhausting virus with a fever, but basically no other symptoms.  It was strange, to be so tired, and have absolutely no other issues. And now my just-turned-five-yesterday son has it. Meh. February can kind of suck it, as far as I’m concerned. Fingers crossed that it’s not just the month of viruses and wretchedness.  C’mon, February!  Rally!

Chambray: Old Navy | Dress: Velvet (thrifted) | Winter Leggings: American Apparel | Quilted Boots: Merona


2 thoughts on “It’s not *that* 80’s…

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Oooh! Filters! Or is that just lucky outdoor lighting? Regardless, what fun! You don’t look debilitated at all! And really, I hardly associate knotted shirts as 80s. But then again, I’m a product of that era so I’m not the best judge. I do adore the entire outfit; at least you’re sporting a fab ensemble in the midst of sickness. Poor Auggie! 😦

    Hope your ichiban son doesn’t catch it next.


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