Wordless Wednesday: Attitude Problem

Not really, but I just wasn’t really very smiley for today’s photos, so it kinda looks like I’m spoiling for a fight. I’m really just spoiling for a nap. 😉 Sick kids. Whaddayagonnado?





Sweater: Blarney Woolen Mills (unavailable, but they have lots of cool stuff)| Black Dress: Merona (on clearance) | Belt: Target | Striped Leggings: Old Navy (no longer available, similar-ish) | Gray Booties: Mad Love Lenora


19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Attitude Problem

  1. mtsedwards says:

    I agree. The green sweater – especially the happy spring apple hue – mitigates whatever negative vibes your expression is giving off. And I don’t even think you look grumpy. Let’s just call it “pensive”. LOL. And those leggings? Wot wot?! Loving them!


    • I’ll take pensive!! 😉 I know, these leggings! I totally would have purchased a second pair, but they are no longer available and I am SAD. Jersey knit striped leggings?! Want. More.


    • Oooh, pretty! It seems like a pretty good price to me, but I have to admit I’ve never priced one before! I wonder if it’s scratchy…But those looks are so cute! I would totally twirl like a ballerina in that. 😉


      • mtsedwards says:

        Enabler! 😀 I’d get it in white, though, right? To make it more versatile? Where pink is too jejune and black is too dressy?


      • You’re asking the white-phobic person?!? But yes, when you put it that way, you make a good point on versatility. Though my inclination would still be to go black! Dress it up, dress it down! But you are much better at white than I am.

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      • mtsedwards says:

        What’s Legend of the Seeker? And yes. Much fanning is required with Shirtless Sean. Rawr. You gonna watch #2?


      • http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0844653/?from_app=ios&ref_=ext_iost_tt_imdbWS

        It was a sorta decent fantasy show for a while there – chosen one, wizard, protector goddess person. He had no accent in the show, so it threw me for a minute in Hindsight! Hoo boy.

        I somehow have to figure out how to “log in” with my parents DirectTV account – but it’s being weird on mobile and endlessly rerouting me to the same page over and over – may have to watch on the actual laptop. #technologyproblems


      • mtsedwards says:

        Oh, okay. I’ve never read Terry Goodkind but know of him, being the good fantasy geek that I am. Don’t want to get into it, though, because it looks like an unfinished series? Blargh.

        Do you have Hindsight on your DVR queue now? New ep. on tonight for when you get caught up.


      • We get no cable! *sob* Which is why I haven’t seen any Peter Capaldi DW yet either! Argh.

        Yeah, I never read Goodkind either. I think I heard that in the books, the woman character is like under constant threat of rape. I tire of that quickly.

        I think it is an unfinished series, which is a serious bummer.


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