TARDIS Tuesday: The Strange Bedfellows Edition




So the capsule wardrobe thing is going pretty well, I have to say. But, I’m getting to the point where I’ve worn a lot of the super obvious looks, and we’re getting to the b-team or not-so-obvious pairings.

But it’s cool! Because, look! I actually like this outfit, and I never ever would have thought to pair this cranberry red v-neck with my TARDIS blue pants. Because, woah, lots of solids, and woah, primary color combo that in theory hurts my brain.

Somehow the neutrals of the leopard print scarf, boots and cardi mellow out what could have been kinda weird. The power of accessories! Bwahahaha! (I may be overcaffeinated.)

Cardigan: Old Navy | V-neck Tee: American Apparel (similar) | Bluetiful Pixie Pants: Old Navy | Leopard Scarf: Collection 18 (unavailable)| Boots: Merrell

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8 thoughts on “TARDIS Tuesday: The Strange Bedfellows Edition

  1. mtsedwards says:

    The b-team! LOL! You are too funny! And what’s wrong with fuchsia and cobalt? They’re two jewel tones and are only two or three colors away from being analogous on the color wheel. You remind me of a stained glass window. And that belt! Getouttatown! Thanks for linking! ❤


  2. Hiya!!!! I think that’s a great combination if items!!! Truly, tis v cool!! I love trying new outfit combinations nowadays, certainly intriguing and makes you think!!!

    You look very cheek in the photos. What have you been.up to????x


  3. By the way, I can’t help but notice the shirt you’re wearing in your profile picture up the top looks v much like Clara from The Caretaker (worn with black shorts and tights)- possible future TARDIS Tuesday???x


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