Chambray Trials

The Putting Me Together Style Challenge this week is to take inspiration from Pinterest – noooo problem!

Inspiration pin here




Back when I started thinking about leveling up my style game, one of the first pieces I added to my closet was this Chambray shirt. I had read allll about how great chambray was, how you can wear it with anything, how remixable it is, etc. I thought, well, that makes sense – it IS like wearing jeans on your top half!

But I gotta say, I haven’t had the easiest time wearing the chambray. Possibly it’s the light color – this was way outside my normal comfort zone but I bought it anyway, thinking it would give me more remixing options with my closet full of dark denim (and darker colors generally).

And then there was the getting used to tucking my shirts in. Also something I hadn’t done in YEARS. To be fair, one just doesn’t tuck things into yoga pants, which had been my uniform for about 8 years (since my first son was born).

Maybe I just have issues with button-downs in general?  I’ve had similar issues with my flannel shirt.

All this to say: there were and are challenges with me and chambray.

But I carry on! I liked this outfit pretty well, actually. I was feeling pretty put together, up until I splattered myself with oil while prepping dinner. Tres chic! 😛

Bonus yelling-at-the-kitty outtake:

Chambray: Old Navy | Black skinny jeans: Old Navy | Scarf: Crocheted by me | Boots: Merona


4 thoughts on “Chambray Trials

  1. mtsedwards says:

    This whole looks screams “preppy mom”, and I mean in that in the most sincere, complimentary way possible. I love the whole thing, and I think you did the chambray shirt justice, as well as the whole tucking in thing. 🙂


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