Wordless Wednesday: Bright Color Edition

I love this flannel shirt on the hanger – but I just never love any look where I’m actually wearing it. I will keep trying though!




Flannel: Old Navy (unavailable, similar)| White T-shirt: Old Navy | Winter Leggings: American Apparel | Boots: Merrell | Scarf: crocheted by me 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Bright Color Edition

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Ha! Isn’t Wordless Wednesday the best blogging day of the week? ;p

    I like this outfit already – probably has a lot to do with that scarf – but if you wanted the flannel to pop, perhaps try double layering it the way I did the other day with one of your Doctor graphic tees, the flannel and then a cardi? I know you have issues with being too warm and all, but that’s one way of deviating from the norm.

    To get rid of one layer but still keep it different, why not wear the flannel as your underlayer and throw the graphic tee over it like a vest? Then maybe a flirty skirt and tights or your fave pair of skinnies?

    You can always knot it at the waist and throw on a maxi dress/skirt either in a solid or a similar-hued pattern.

    Tell me when to stop coz you know I can keep going. I wish we lived closer so I can raid your closet and make outfits for you! Or is that too presumptuous of me? :S


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