Shine Bright Like a TARDIS

I’m so sorry for that title, but I’ve been so cranky and it’s making me laugh so/and I can’t make myself change it. 🙂

It’s TARDIS Tuesday, and it was feeling like a TARDIS-blue pants kind of day. With polka dots. And (faux) pearls.



Cardigan: Old Navy | Polka Dots: Old Navy (unavailable)| Pixie Ankle Pants: Old Navy | Quilted Knee Boots: Merona

Linking up with:
TARDIS Tuesday (My Closet Catalogue)
Confident Twosdays (I Do deClaire)
PMTStyleChallenge (Putting Me Together)


7 thoughts on “Shine Bright Like a TARDIS

  1. mtsedwards says:

    I will write something pithy later but I’ve been at my daughter for two and half hours battling head lice after a long day at work so please forgive me. Thanks for linking up, though! ;p


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