Dress Week, Scarf Week



So I just figured out that not only is it Scarf Week over at bybmg, it’s also Dress Week over at Putting Me Together! How could I not try to do both within the confines of my capsule?

Since I live in Seattle, wearing a dress at any time of year isn’t so challenging.  I mean, even in the winter the weather tends to be in the high 40s/50s.  I’m reading all about you guys wearing fleece-lined tights thinking, “Whaaaa?”  🙂 Although they do sound cozy.

But I’m kind of a freak about being too hot.  Ask my husband.  He’ll tell you.  I’m fine if I layer.  But seriously, I get a small panic attach when I see long-sleeved dresses and thick wool sweaters (particularly turtlenecks!), thinking “But what if I got HOT?!?!?”  😛

So now you know: it’s sleeveless or short-sleeve dresses for me!

Cardigan: Merona (similar), Dress: Merona (on wicked clearance), Scarf: Anthropologie, Tights: Old Navy, Booties: Mad Love Lenora

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3 thoughts on “Dress Week, Scarf Week

  1. mtsedwards says:

    But layers are the best part of any outfit! I love bundling! My husband teases me about looking like I’m dressed for snow when it;s a mere 72 degrees out. Hey, any excuse to wear winter garb for me!

    Look at your gams, girl! With legs like those, I can see why you wouldn’t want to bundle them up!

    P.S. Apparently my kid sister is up in your area, having a girls’ trip just because. Ah the life of the childless, eh?


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