Capsule Trial




Cardigan: Old Navy, Polka-Dot Top: HeartSoul (thrifted), Colored Jeans: Refuge (thrifted), Boots: Merrell, Scarf: Handmade

*Note: Those Merrell boots are 1/2 price right now! They are my FAVORITE (duh, I wear them almost every day). So I bought a second pair. Check them out if you’re in the market for boots!

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I’m actually rocking a capsule wardrobe for the first time.

The urge hit me when I realized what a fun time I was having over the holidays, when we were at my parents’ house for a week and I had a limited palette of clothes to choose from. I kinda loved it! I had a fun time trying to remix my limited options in new ways.

When we got home, I also realized how much I was struggling every dang day to move my clothes around in the closet – it was STUFFED. This was due to bringing in more than I was passing on (#thriftingproblems). I also have a teensy bit of clothes hoarding tendencies (“But I might wear it someday!), but I’m working on it.

I decided to split the difference. My husband mentioned that we had one of those U-Haul wardrobe boxes in the basement, so I decided to store a bunch of stuff in there – particularly those that are out of season but that I definitely want to keep. I’m also guessing that at least 25% of what is in there will be gotten rid of, once I’ve lived without it for a time and realized that I don’t in fact miss it at all.

An entire garbage bag of clothing is going to the Goodwill to find a new home. Whew! (I also cleaned out my chest of drawers – my goodness, the space in there now that it’s not stuffed with nursing bras, hole-y yoga pants and t-shirts that I clearly will never wear again!) The lightness!

I’m kicking myself for not taking a “before” picture, but just trust me – there were mere millimeters of rod space. It. Was. Full. But here’s the after! S P A C E ! ! ! !

I took inspiration from all the great capsule wardrobe bloggers (Un-fancy, Greater Than Rubies, Putting Me Together), and I chose 42 pieces for my capsule. I have no idea how long my personal challenge is, but I’m hoping to make it to Spring! When is spring again? 😉

I’m making this up as I go, but I think if I do any thrifting, that I will try for a 1:1 replacement.

The goods:







Even looking back at the selections I see things that I might have trimmed, but I’m leaving them in for now. I’d rather start with a little bit too much and make it for a longer time period than over-limit and wind up giving up in frustration. 😉

Have you ever done a capsule wardrobe? What was your experience like?

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12 thoughts on “Capsule Trial

  1. It’s so fun to be creative with a capsule. I took probably 1/3 of my clothes from my closet for staging the house, and I honestly haven’t missed them, which means they’ll probably be going to Goodwill or Thred Up once we move!


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