Belts, Cardigans, and Blue

2015/01/img_5754.jpg 2015/01/img_5759.jpg I tried a new-to-me thing today: the belt-over-cardigan thing. Yeee-up, never tried it before, but I thought I might as well. I felt a little bit like, “Ehhh…am I doing this right?” But I wore it to a meeting anyway and liked it! (But feel free to give me tips if in fact I’m *not* doing it right!) And a scarf for Scarf Week, of course. 🙂 2015/01/img_5758.jpg And hello, TARDIS Tuesday! Is anyone else loving the peekaboo of my TARDIS blue tights, or is it just me? Because I kind of love it a little too much. I’m having a serious love affair with this bluetiful color. Scarf: Collection 18 (out of stock), Cardigan: Merona (similar), Dress: Velvet (thrifted), Tights: Old Navy, Boots: Merona

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16 thoughts on “Belts, Cardigans, and Blue

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Heh. I’ve been typing/staring at my blog title for so long now that “catalog” spelled the American way looks wrong anymore. LOL.

    I don’t have the body for belts, but you’ve got such a teeny waist and can totally pull off this look. If I had any sort of constructive criticism, it would be to try the belted cardigan with a straight hem cardi rather than a curved and see if you like the lines better with that. Otherwise, kudos to this look. J’adore! Also, of course, because of the secret surprise of TARDIS blue. Rock it, girl!

    And thanks for linking!


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