A little catch up (plus Scarf Week!)

If you’ve been following along at all, you will see that I have a deep and abiding love of scarves. They are my go-to accessory, since I’m somewhat bag- and jewelry-challenged. So when Becky over at bybmg said she was hosting Scarf Week, I knew I was all in!

A lil’ fashion catch-up:

Thursday (pre-Scarf Week kick off):
Playdate with friends day! I’m trying really hard to like this chambray shirt, but it’s just SUCH a light color of denim, it kind of makes my teeth hurt.  I did it deliberately, thinking it would contrast with my mostly-dark colored denim.  But I dunno. This outfit doesn’t totally suck though.  I like the chambray-scarf combo.2015/01/img_5748.jpg

Chambray: Old Navy, Pants: Old Navy, Scarf: handmade, Booties: Mad Love Lenora

Sunday (Scarf Weeeeeek!)
A trip to our neighborhood’s year-round Farmer’s Market!  This is a go-to scarf & cardi combo. You can’t really see, but these jeans have a tiny white polka-dot pattern.  Feeling the dots today!turquoise cardigan, white tank top, black & white polka-dot scarf, jeans, black knee boots

Cardigan: Worthington (thrifted), Tank: Old Navy, Scarf: Old Navy (out of stock), Polka-Jeans: Adriano Goldschmied (thrifted), Boots: Merrell

A sunny day at the zoo! My husband is a great Goodwill companion – he spotted this rad coat on our last foray.  It’s the perfect weight for Seattle weather! Um, and yes.  I’m weaing jeggings.  And if it’s wrong, then I never, ever, ever want to be right.  Because I would never take them off if I didn’t have to.  OMG.  Why did no one tell me?!2015/01/img_5747.jpg

Coat: thrifted, Striped sweatshirt: thrifted (no label), Jeggings: Vanilla Star (thrifted), Scarf: handmade, Boots: Merrell

Linking up with: The Lovely Lookbook (Greater Than Rubies & Tucker Up)


4 thoughts on “A little catch up (plus Scarf Week!)

  1. mtsedwards says:

    First outfit: maybe if you threw on a puffer vest or a printed cardi or double layer the chambray with a plaid button up a la J. Crew catalog, you’d like the lighter color better? I do like the oversized mustard infinity scarf with it.

    Second outfit: LOVE! You should link it for TARDIS Tuesday. And pairing it with polka dots? Getouttahere!

    Third outfit: pattern mixing envy. I wish my hubs had a good eye for clothes but if it were up to him, I’d wear either long button up and leggings a la the nineties or Amish wear to keep from attracting the opposite sex. Yeah. He’s that weird.

    P.S. Thanks to you, I CANNOT stop singing “koalas in the rain” and then laughing uncontrollably. My kids think I’ve gone mad. 😜


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