And BOOM! It’s a whole new year!




I’m a day late for TARDIS Tuesday, but I’m doin’ it anyway. BECAUSE. (I actually had this outfit all picked out for yesterday, and then didn’t get dressed because I was under the weather).

Sidenote: I got a fabulous Gorilla Camera Arm (and remote shutter!) for Christmas, which is facilitating my selfies with actual daylight.

Secret TARDIS action on the tee!


Tee: Geekiana, Cardigan: Old Navy, Pants: Refuge (via Goodwill), Boots: Merrell, Hat: Blarney Woolen Mills (similar), Scarf: Collection 18

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9 thoughts on “And BOOM! It’s a whole new year!

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Ah!!! Sneak TARDIS attack ftw! It’s brilliant! I didn’t even see it coming. Thanks for the shout out and the participation, btw. ;p

    Also, I clicked on the Gorilla link thinking I’d get myself one of those bad boys because I’m all about streamlining the selfie process but you’re just calling my tripod your Gorilla. We own the same thing! Ta da! Great minds! Now if you grabbed yourself a Shuttr, we’d be photo twinsies. We could even wear our matching boots. (Wait, did I just cross over into creeper territory? Forget the twinsies comment. LOL!)


    • Hahaha! No it’s not creepy, it’s awesome! πŸ˜€

      Did your tripod not come with the cheapo shutter or is Shuttr just way better? The one mine came with is totally functional but it feels like it’s waiting to break – so lightweight, not sturdy feeling at all. Ah well. I’ll know what to replace it with if/when it bites the dust!


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