Red + Neutrals

It’s Friday!  I vacuumed! My kid got a tooth pulled yesterday!  I can’t stop crocheting! We’re going to a casual party tonight!

tryptich of me wearing a long red shirt, caramel skinnies, gray wedge booties, a cream cardigan

And with the honey-mustard cowl that I crocheted this week:

diptich of me in a red dress-shirt, caramel skinnies, gray wedge booties, and a cream cardigan with a honey crocheted cowl

This red “shirt’ is actually a dress that’s easy to tuck for different lengths.  I’m kind of wary of wearing it as a dress – it’s a little va-va-voom for me! But dressed down with pants and layers and cowls, I’m feeling a little more okay in it. 🙂

Dress/shirt: Ellavie (thrifted), Cardian: Merona (similar), Caramel Creme Pixie Pants: Old Navy, Wedge Booties: Lenora by Mad Love, Cowl: crocheted by me!


One thought on “Red + Neutrals

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Okay, you are way too excited. 😀 But I can see why – loads of fun things happening in your life. What’s the going rate for the Tooth Fairy these days? And you could’ve fooled me about that being a dress; excellent remixing, my friend. I don’t think it’d be too vavavoom, though. You just need an occasion to flaunt it. Too bad your party is casual, eh? ;p


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