TARDIS Tuesday!

I sooooooo almost didn’t get dressed today.  We had a totally home-bound day around here, punctuated with fits of pique and swearing as I made last-minute edits to the homeschool co-op website before the onslaught of winter class registration that started at noon – where it is all (online) elbows and riots as we try desperately to register our kids for classes that will MAKE OR BREAK THEIR EDUCATIONS.  AND OUR LIVES!

Just kidding.  But it rilllllly feels that way in the moment.  After every registration kerfuffle, I feel like I need a shot and a beer and a cigarette.  And I don’t even smoke.  It’s like that.

BUT ANYWAY.  We got into the Lego Robotics class, so THANK MAUDE.

And because of that, and because Maricel is awesome, I decided to get dressed. She’s hosting TARDIS Tuesdays on her fab blog, My Closet Catalog.  Go there.  It is inspiring and hilarious and amazing.

leveled up style | TARDIS Tuesday #1

(Sorry for the photo quality.  We were really losing the light by the time I got dressed, but I don’t think my lighting solution is really working.  Oh well.  Live and learn!)

So, TARDIS-blue pants are the name of the game here on TARDIS Tuesday.  I promise not to use them every week, but a)they’re new and b)I lurrrrrve them, so they were the obvious choice today.  I guess my scarf could be a nod to Tom Baker?  Not planned, but hey, I’ll take it.

Scarf: Merrell, Striped sweatshirt: thrifted (no tags), Pixie Pants: Old Navy (they’re out of Bluetiful, boo!), Quilted Boots: Merona via Target


7 thoughts on “TARDIS Tuesday!

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Mwahahahaha! I have so many TARDIS blue items and yet I picked the one that makes us twinsies. And I totally give you full credit for these because I didn’t even have a hankering to try the Pixies – even though other bloggers raved about them – because ON bottoms and I are not friends. But I got these in the other day, ordered based on your talking about them in a previous post, and I’m in love! Thanks for the tip and thanks for playing along with TARDIS Tuesday! You look mahvelous, darling!


      • mtsedwards says:

        I almost had a heart attack when I took them out of the dryer and they felt like they shrunk. But, in true ON form, they stretched as the day wore on and they became super comfy by day’s end. 😀


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