Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  WOW, boy did I ever.  My husband and I got to take a little spa getaway trip to a fantastic place in the middle of the woods – no wifi, no cell phone access even!  It was so lovely to be unplugged totally for several days.  The hot springs soaking, fabulous vegetarian buffet three times a day, and a total lack of parenting small children didn’t hurt, either!  If you ever get a chance to visit Breitenbush, I highly recommend it.  (But you have to be okay with naked people at the hot springs. Just a fair warning!)image


Back to the present day.  It’s my first day on this blog sans prompt, and I’m happy with the results!


It it was a pretty lowkey day around here – and freaking cold! I finally figured out a way to wear this sweater vest that I picked up years ago at Goodwill.  I’m digging the lime green and pink stripe combo!

button-down: J. Crew (thrifted), sweater vest: Anne Taylor Loft (thrifted), jeans: Levi’s (thrifted), wedge booties: Mad Love (via Target)


One thought on “Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

  1. mtsedwards says:

    What? No naked hot springs people photos? LOL!

    It got cold here too. Thank you, Buddha! I can finally layer with impunity!

    Lime green is always a plus for me. It’s close enough to chartreuse, which I hear is the Gemini signature color and I am nothing if not a quintessential Gemini.


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