Take Two, Day 19: Old (Modular) Standby

So today was about re-imagining an old standby.  But it was also a Wednesday, meaning: Modular Outfit Day!  It’s the last modular outfit needed for two months, whew.  I’m ready for a modularity break!

Here’s the action:


Last month’s Day 19 look

New boots!  Might should’ve worn my black knee boots today, but I couldn’t make myself wait because: NEW. 🙂

Oh, and to show my buddy Maricel that I mean business about supporting her TARDIS Tuesday link-up idea, I have to show you this:


That’s right: it’s a TARDIS tee.  Are you not so envious?!  It’s from one of my favorite online shops, Geekiana.  Check her out, her stuff is awesome.  I’m lusting hard after the ALLONS-Y shirt!

Cardigan: Worthington (thrifted), TARDIS tee: Geekiana, Skirt: Merona (thrifted), Striped leggings: Old Navy (sold out *cries*), Boots: Colleen Quilted Boots (via Target)


8 thoughts on “Take Two, Day 19: Old (Modular) Standby

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Btw, if you don’t mind my asking: what size are you in this shirt? Does it stretch? Shrink after one wash? What size d’you suppose I am? I’m larger up top and normally go for 10-12/L because of my boobs and shoulders. :/


    • Ok good, follow her measurements, because in the past the shirts have run reallllly small. But if she’s got specifics now, that’s good, I think that’s new. I actually inherited my Rule #1: Don’t Wander Off from a friend that ordered it on clearance (XL) and it arrived and she was like, OMG this is a washcloth! Fit me great, but I never would’ve ordered an XL.


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