Take Two, Day 18: Scarfed

Such an easy prompt today!  Wear a scarf in a new-to-you way?  Done and DONE.


Last month’s Day 18 look

I browsed several of those Pinterest posts on ways to tie a scarf, and came up with a new way (for me).  Nothing special, pretty simple, but that’s just fine in my book!

Not sure if the boyfriend jean cuffs work with the booties.  Now accepting feedback.


My dudes see me doing these daily photo shoots and just HAD to get in on the action as I was trying to get a shot of this fabulous chunky cardigan!  It appears I have a thing for Kelly green outerwear.  Huh.

(Can I just swoon for a minute about how much my youngest guy loves all things hearts, purple and pink?  I want to keep him sweet and innocent forever!!!)

My parents brought this sweater back from Ireland for me on a trip they took a couple of years ago.  I kind of forgot all about it (it was packed away in the winter gear) and I was SO happy when my husband dug it out last weekend!  It’s so warm and cozy.

I may or may not be stalking my front porch for the mail delivery.  Boots are supposed to be delivered today and I’m OUT of patience! 😉

Shirt: J. Crew (thrifted), Jeans: Levi’s, Belt: thrifted, Scarf: Old Navy (sold out), Booties: Mad Love Lenora, Sweater: Blarney Woolen Mills.


7 thoughts on “Take Two, Day 18: Scarfed

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Your boys have your smirk! I love it! And huzzah for hearts and pink! My 11-year-old still believes in Santa so I say keep ’em young as long as possible, eh? (Although this Santa is tired of being the one that always fills the advent calendar; why can’t other Santas get in on that action?)

    Are you kidding me with the uncertainty? Are you looking at the same pics I am? Those booties are ADORBS with the cuffed jeans! And that chunky green cardi? Fuggedaboutit! You are rocking this look, woman! I wish I could own green half as well as you do!


    • Oh good! I just need a little practice with the bootie thing to build my confidence!

      I’m so glad it’s wool cardigan season!

      OMG I hear you on the advent calendar. We’re already planning ours and I’m trying to keep in reigned in, but…geez Pinterest is a bad thing at this time of year. Too many ideas, DEFINITELY not enough time. Or interest. 😉 My mom, who is an angel, got them both Lego advent calendars, too, so I’m kinda hoping that can take the heat off the experiential one just a teeny tiny bit.


      • mtsedwards says:

        And the thing with our family is that we’re indifferent Catholics at best, raging agnostics at worst. Our advent calendar doesn’t even have anything to do with Christ and everything to do with Santa and chocolate in the boxes every morning. I tried replacing it one year with the book calendar – where you open a book a day and read about the story of baby Jesus – but that flew over like a lead balloon.

        Yes, you look fierce with those booties. Keep it up! I got your back on this one.


      • Oh yeah, agnostics here. Our calendar is all making treats and field trips to various parts of the city. Exhausting in every way!

        MY BOOTS ARRIVED! So excited. They fit! You are a genius!


      • mtsedwards says:

        YES! I’m so glad you’re happy with both purchases. Yay for Target, right?! Can’t wait to see how you style the boots!


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