Take Two, Day 17: Crazy Necklace Day

Oh, yeah.  It’s crazy necklace day!

So, maybe this isn’t a crazy necklace to you – but guys, it feels intensely crazy to me.  But I DID IT ANYWAY.  And no one made fun of me (to my face, at least!). 😉

leveled up style | Take Two, Day 17: Crazy Necklace Day

Last month’s Day 17 look

Because the necklace felt insane, I decided to pair it with a buttload of neutrals, to help me camouflage my discomfort around the BIG NECKLACE.  I’m actually kind of digging this whole look.  Even though the necklace is bizarre and distracting, the whole thing kind of works, no?

Also, very important questions: socks + booties = warm solution or fashion no-no?

P.S. I just ordered the same pants I’m wearing in TARDIS BLUE!  I’m about to wet myself in anticipation!

Cardigan: Merona (similar), T-shirt: Old Navy (thrifted, similar), Insane Red Necklace: Hand-me-down from a buddy, Pixie Ankle Pants: Old Navy, Mad Love Lenora Booties 

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5 thoughts on “Take Two, Day 17: Crazy Necklace Day

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Warmth and comfort is paramount but if you want to ramp up the style quotient or try for a trend, might I suggest leg warmers (yes, they’re back form the 80s) or blatantly textured socks (stripes or olka dots). Perhaps not the latter option with the statement necklace (because statement), though. Or you can try this whole ensemble with your cordova boots when they come. I do love that bubble necklace. I have it in multiple colors – twinsies! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I soooo have leg warmers – I think from the last time they were in! 😉 I will try them without the bubble necklace, though! 😉 Can’t WAIT for my boots to arrive tomorrow, argh!


      • mtsedwards says:

        I hope you don’t mind my suggestions. I don’t mean to be overbearing; I just love playing dress up. And now I want to knit a pair of leg warmers…


      • mtsedwards says:

        I’m a high school English teacher – nothing offends me. This was too funny actually. And you have a Ravelry account too? Damn, woman! Talk about small world, eh? ;p


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