Weekend Round Up: Color Blocking & Pattern Mixing

Welcome to the weekend round-up!  It’s all about coloring blocks and mixed patterns this time around.

Day 15: Color Blocking


Does it still count as color blocking if I add a print on top?  I was cold!  And I liked the color combo here.  Oh well, I guess the point was to find a new-to-me outfit, not follow the rules 100% right. 😉

Did you notice?  My feet!  My NEW BOOTIES.  Yessss.  My very first pair of shoes that I have purchased online, without trying on first.  And they fit!  Thank you Target!

Here’s a close-up, because they’re wicked cute.

booties, close-up

Last month’s Day 15 look

Flannel shirt: Old Navy, Blue V-Neck Tee: American Apparel (two years old), Corduroys: Lauren Conrad (thrifted), Belt: thrifted, Booties: Mad Love Lenora (via Target), Hat: Gift, Cartouche necklace: Gift

Day 16: Pattern Mixing!  My old nemesis.

I’ve had more practice since last month’s epic struggle, so I had a fairly good idea of what I would end up with.  Here’s the look:

leveled up style | Take Two, Day 16: Pattern Mixing

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the top actually has thin stripes. So stripes + whatever that pattern is called on my wool skirt = pattern mixing!

I wasn’t sure about the sweater at first, but I actually think I like it better with (which was convenient, since it was FREEZING today!).  I’m actually really liking this look – I would totally wear it again.

Cardigan: 89th & Madison (via Fred Meyer, similar), T-shirt: Gap (thrifted), Skirt; Ann Taylor (thrifted), tights: Old Navy, Shoes: 10 years old ;), Belt: thrifted, Necklace: local consignment shop

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up: Color Blocking & Pattern Mixing

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Curse you and your fabulous waist! That second look is to die for! The colors and the silhouette of that skirt are uhmazing! You MUST wear it again. And those boots are super fun. Are they comfy, though? I thought to grab a pair when you linked them for me but the reviews said they cut across the foot because of the seam? What’s your verdict?


    • Ha, thanks!

      About the shoes – I’m kind of a shoe wimp, but they’re okay. I don’t have the tight fabric problem, but the wedge is a little narrow and steep, so they’re definitely not shoes I’d want to walk around in all day and/or be on my feet a lot in. I did a little walking around the mall in them this weekend, and they were fine, but I was ready to take them off when I got home. I wore them again today for running short errands, and they were totally fine. So, definitely not going-on-a-walking-tour-of-the-city shoes, but short-term standing/walking seems totally fine!


      • mtsedwards says:

        And since short-term standing and walking is what I mostly do at work, I may just keep my eye out for them to go on sale and snatch them up when I can.

        Liked by 1 person

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