Take Two, Day 14: Pin-spired

I’m running through the prompts for the #31days31waysremix a second time, and today’s prompt was: Be pin-spired.

No. Prob.

I love Pinterest, particularly for fashion inspiration. So many ideas! I love taking one piece that I have and searching for outfits using that one item – my mind is usually blown. I have to keep a handle on the wanty-wanties if I spend toooo much time there, though – my wishlist certainly grows! It’s a delicate balance of trying to be inspired to wear/use things I already have and then lusting after more things that would enhance my wardrobe (If only I had _____, then my closet would be complete!)

ANYWAY. Here’s my Day 14 look:

Last month’s Day 14 look

This white t-shirt is pretty new, and I’m still getting used to styling it. I know it’s weird to have issues with something so basic, but white has been a no-no for the last, oh, 8 years, what with little boys and messy mouths/hands/bodies all over me. 😉

I actually really liked this outfit. It was a good weight for the bright sunny yet chilly day (I wore a tan infinity scarf and purple gloves outside). It was fun to put my blazer to use – I often want to wear them, but just can’t seem to make them work. The jeans + tee + blazer combo felt fun and doable.

Blazer: thrifted a million years ago, T-shirt: Old Navy, Belt: thrifted, Jeans: Levi’s Straight-Leg, Low-Rise (thrifted), Boots: Merrell, Forktupus Necklace: purchased at a rock & gem show in 2013


8 thoughts on “Take Two, Day 14: Pin-spired

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Absolute love! Especially your expression in the right photo of your triptych! I swear, you need to buy more white, girl! It brightens your face and makes you look so slim, which is completely counter-intuitive to what white usually does. It might even end up being your signature color (or non-color; tee hee!)

    I hear you about Pinterest – down that path lies madness and a very thin pocketbook…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I might just have to get some more white. My dark color shell has cracked – I may never be the same!

      First pair of shoes arrived yesterday (gray booties) – and they FIT! So fun. Now I have to figure out how to wear booties. 😉


      • mtsedwards says:

        I was gonna ask you if they came. Woo hoo! I’m so happy I steered you true. May I recommend a fun bootie look? Try your jeans cuffed with that white tee and an oversized/chunky cardi. Or boties, cuffed jeans and oversized chunky sweater? Or a fun graphic print sweatshirt with flippy skirt and tights? Ooooh, I wanna dress you up like a paper doll! LOL.

        Liked by 1 person

      • LOL! Fun, I love these ideas! But I think I might have to thrift a chunky cardigan first. I wear all my cardis so hard that they almost all need replacing (and I tend to buy them thin, so maybe I should stop that).

        I think I’m going on an online shopping spree the day after my birthday this year. Only 5 more weeks!


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