Weekend Round-Up: Jammies & Belts

So even though this is a weekend round-up, you’re only getting an outfit from Sunday. Because I never got dressed yesterday. 😛

We were supposed to go out – date night! We had childcare arranged and everything. Alas, my oldest was vying for the Most Mucous-Producing Child Award, and so date night was thwarted. And so: I never got dressed. 😉

I’m running through the #31days31waysremix prompts for a second time, and the Day 9 prompt was: Put a Belt On It. So I did! And I wore it to the science center with my family, where we enjoyed an adorably funny and educational IMAX documentary, Island of Lemurs: Madagascar, saw a cool science demo on Amazing Air and meandered through several fun exhibits. I love Seattle.


(No link to last month’s outfit, because it fell on a sick-didn’t-get-outta-bed day)

I discovered this LBD + Black Braided Belt combo during the Monochromatic prompt last month, and I realllly like it. The LBD is kind of sheer (and I don’t own a slip, WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY LIFE?!) so I layered a green pencil skirt underneath. And then the tights and polka-dot scarf (which, seriously, someone might need to throw an intervention about the scarf soon you guys) bring it together.

I kind of wondered if the tights and scarf were too matchy-matchy…thoughts?

Dress: Merona (via Target clearance, similar-ish), Pencil Skirt: American Apparel (similar), Scarf: Old Navy (out of stock), Belt: Goodwill, Tights: Old Navy, Boots: Merrell.

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Round-Up: Jammies & Belts

  1. mtsedwards says:

    I think it would’ve been matchy-matchy had it not been for that bit of olive skirt peeking out. It adds another color element to the ensemble. If you were worried, I’d suggest a different color boot? Perhaps in cognac or brown? Because I think it’s the boots to the dress rather than the tights to the scarf that actually exacerbates the matchy-ness. (Is that even a word?)

    And no intervention on the scarf needed; it’s awesomesauce and should be allowed to play as many times as it wants.


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