Take Two, Day Five: Stuff on My Head

I’m running through the prompts from #31days31waysremix for the second time, and the prompt for Day 5 was: Add a Hat or Scarf (on yer head).

So, this was tricky because, if you’ve been following along, on many Wednesdays I have Family TaeKwonDo at our homeschooling co-op on Wednesdays – so I knew a hat was out.  I decided to reprise my scarf from this challenge the first time around, but with a different (modular!) outfit.


Day 5 Look from last month

So, for TKD, I lost the cardigan and traded the boots for sneakers, of course (it’s modular after all!). But for the rest of the day, I got to rock this cute look.

My smirk is improving, no?

I love this basic modular look for TKD Wednesdays. The shirt & sweater change, but the leggings/capris and Hanes skirt are great for both working out and then hanging out chatting with the other moms and dads and having impromptu meetings to run the whole thing. 🙂

Studded Tank: Old Navy, Caridgan: 89th & Madison (via Fred Meyer, similar-ish) Capri Workout Leggings: Bally, Skirt: Hanes (thrifted, similar), Boots: Merrell, Scarf: thrifted a million years ago 😉


4 thoughts on “Take Two, Day Five: Stuff on My Head

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Your smirk is definitely improving; I think it’s one of your signature features. That, and your lovely, lovely curls! I covert your curls! and I also covet this outfit – are those sparkles I spy on your top? Lurve!


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