Weekend Catch-Up: Color + Pattern and Cuffs

November!  Can you even believe it?!  I can’t either.

I’ve decided to try running through all the prompts for #31days31wasremix again – it’s fun, because the prompts fall on different days of the week this month, which actually matters quite a bit round here.

Saturday, November 1: Color + Pattern


I love these orange corduroys.  Sooo much.  I really love the jewel colors of the pants and shirt together.  That off-white cardigan is wa-HAAAY outside of my comfort zone, but I liked the overall look!

And yeah, we got RIGHT on taking down those Halloween decorations! Ha.

Cardigan: Merona (via Target), Blouse: Unknown (thrifted), Corduroys: Lauren Conrad (thrifted, similar), boots: Merrell, Bag: Red Bubble/Reapersun

Sunday, November 2: Cuffed


I kind of hated this outfit.  I put it on late in the day to go to a really stressful meeting.  I’m just not feeling the overall silhouette and it’s kind of monochromatic, despite the colors in flannel.  Not planning on repeating this one.

Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Express Boot Cut (thrifted, similar), Belt: thrifted, Shoes: soooo old, Necklace: gift


3 thoughts on “Weekend Catch-Up: Color + Pattern and Cuffs

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Okay, funny. Coz I really like that plaid/jeans ensemble. It shows off your curves wonderfully and that belt is simply sassy. I wonder if you’d like it better with a different shoe? Perhaps a cowboy boot to really embrace the vibe? Or some pointy-toe flats for a more feminine take? Or maybe it’s the length of the jeans. I can’t tell because you have your legs hitched up, but maybe the jeans are too short? When that happens to me, I just cuff them to make them capris. Ooooh! Cuff ’em and make ’em capris with the plaid shirt!!! LOL!

    Btw, why would a white cardi be out of your comfort zone?


    • Ha! That’s awesome. I had planned to wear my black knee boots (that I wear almost every day), but the jeans were going to have to be tucked into socks to make it work (boot leg) and the meeting was in someone’s house where shoe removal is required, and I realized that was going to be a really weird look to have for the meeting! 😉

      I think totally, different shoe and or rolling the jeans would be a good option! I won’t totally give up on this flannel + jeans combo because of you, so thanks!

      And re: white cardi, I don’t own a lot of white. I *just* bought a white tank and white T-shirt – I’m a slob, so I don’t tend to wear it in general (plus I’ve had a toddler in the house for the last 6 years or so between my two sons!). My neutrals tend to be black and gray – white just feels so…bright? I have to talk myself into it every time! 😉


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