Weekend Round-Up: Dressed Down and Being Resourceful

What a great weekend! We went down to see my parents for my dad’s birthday and had a really great time. We visited a (very very muddy) pumpkin patch, played games and ate lots of delicious food!

But back to the #31days31waysremix!

Day 25: Dressed Down

So here’s the thing: I feel like I’ve been dressed down for the last eight years, ever since I became a mama – and it’s too soon to go back! I just broke out! But I tried my best. 😉 (Sorry for the bad lighting – unfamiliar environment and I waited until nighttime again – argh!).


And I have to show off my favorite fandom purse:


What’s that you say? Is that an amused Loki and a cranky Sherlock taking a selfie together? Why, yes! Yes it is!  My fandom girlfriend gifted this to me, and it’s my faaave.  I love when a fellow geek compliments me on it – instant bonding! Reapersun is amazing – you should definitely check her out!

Plaid shirt: Old Navy, LBD: Merona (Target, similar), Winter Leggings: American Apparel, boots: Merrell, Bag: Reapersun via Red Bubble, Belt: thrifted, necklace: Jill Platner

Day 26: Be Resourceful

Ok, so I had to plan this outfit before I left for the weekend, and it was something I’d never worn before, so it was a little risky. I decided to interpret “resourcefulness” as taking two shirts that were on the donate chopping block (still in the closet, but marked for death) and trying to find a way to wear them.


This look was okay. Even though I love the cut of the blouse, there are just TOO many colors for me. They’re pretty colors – but I feel just a little cray in it.

Day 26 1

Luckily, this outfit got muddy at the pumpkin patch, so I got to reinterpret it to something I liked a lot more (while the other pieces got laundered).

Day 26 2

So, I may end up keeping the blue shirt/tunic after all – I like wearing it over leggings (it’s a crazy revealing low-cut tank, so a scarf or another shirt layered over it is required – but I like the blue!

But I think the rainbow shirt will be kicked to the curb after all.

What do you do with the pieces you no longer wear/love?  Donate?  Consign? Sell online?  I’ve mostly donated in the past, but I’m curious if there’s a better way! 🙂

Outfit 1: Blouse: NY Collection (via Macy’s several years ago), Blue Tunic: Twenty-One (thrifted), Winter Leggings: American Apparel, Boots: Merrell, Necklace: gift

Outfit 2: Open Cardigan: 89th & Madison (via Fred Meyer), Blue Tunic: Twenty-One (thrifted), Striped Leggings: Old Navy, Scarf: Collection 18 (Fred Meyer), Boots: Merrell


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