Week 3 Recap!

Woo!  Three weeks down on the #31days31waysremix!  Here are the looks I came up with – there are individual posts for each look, click on the date for details!

Day 15: Color Blocked

day 15: color blocked

Day 16: Patterns Mixed


Day 17: Necklaces

day 17

Days 18: Scarf It Up


Day 19: Old Stand-By Reimagined


Day 20: Monochromatic

day 20 main

Day 21: Transformers! (Day to Night)

Day 21



# of pieces used in week 3: 16 (there’s one missing from my collage above – it maxes out at 15, sorry!)

# of overlap pieces from week 1 and week 2: 9

# of pieces total: 31

I think my favorite looks were from Days 20 and 21 – love that little black dress!  What do you think?


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