Day 23: Buttoned Up with a Statement

It’s Day 23 of the #31days31waysremix, and the prompt of the day is to Button It Up With A Statement.


This is wa-haaaay outside my comfort zone. Look, I just started wearing button-up shirts again – they’re already a stretch for me! But to add a statement necklace OVER said button-up? OMG. So not my normal look.

I almost gave up on this one. Again, it really felt like I didn’t have the “right” jewelry for this (wrong kind, wrong length, etc). But I kept tweaking and tweaking and tweaking until I *finally* came up with this look:
day 23 1


(Side note: the wearing-a-tank-in-between-your-layers trick? That really works! I felt so bunchy and aggravated until I tried putting my snug workout tank in between the button-up and the cardigan. Eureka! I felt like I could move freely again!)

So I have never in my life worn this cardigan buttoned up. NEVER ONCE! But I really like it, actually. And so I’m also taking this as a Day 22 (Wear a Resourceful Top) prompt win!

I had this paired with jeans at first, but I’m soooo glad I decided to switch over to this jersey midi skirt (the skirt version of yoga pants – winning!)

So this was a kind of fancy look to hang around the house, but hey – I dressed up for the partial solar eclipse, okay? Because astronomical events deserve respect. 😉

*(I realize I have this reaction a lot. But it’s a lot of new things in a short period! But don’t worry, I love it really.) 😀

Linking up: #WIWT via The Red Closet Diary

Shirt: Old Navy, Cardigan: Worthington (thrifted, similar), Skirt: Lily Lou (similar-ish), Shoes: soooo old, Bird Necklace: gift from a friend


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