Day 22: Modular Outfit!

It’s Day 22 of shopping my closet for new outfits, and I’ll admit it: today was a cheat day.  I didn’t follow the prompt! 😛

Most Wednesdays I take a Family TaeKwonDo class with my 4-year-old at the Homeschool Co-Op that I help organize.  It’s held in a community center, and it’s not super convenient to change my clothes there, SO I try to come up with a modular outfit that can transform from cute to workout-ready back to cute again!

Here’s what I came up with today:

So, it’s really similar to two of my previous Wednesday outfits (here and here), but you know, when an outfit works for a specific situation, why mess with it?!

This week I paired my standard army green skirt, black tank and plum cardigan with my newish leopard infinity scarf and brand-new striped leggings (so excited about them! Something that only cost $6 should not excite one this much, but what can I say: it’s the little things, right?) For class, I trade the boots for sneakers and lose the cardigan and scarf. Ta-da!

Do you have any “uniforms” that you wear regularly?

Linking up with Redcliffe Style‘s 30+ Style & Beauty Linkup

Tank: Apt. 9 (thrifted), Striped Leggings: Old Navy, Skirt: Hanes (thrifted, similar), Sweater: 89th & Madison (via Fred Meyer, similar), Boots: Merrell, Leopard Infinity Scarf: Collection 18, Necklace: Jill Platner


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