Day 8: 31 Days, 31 Ways Remix

It’s another Wednesday, so you know what that means: modular outfit day! Yep, I have a family TaeKwonDo class with my four-year-old at our fabulous homeschool co-op on Wednesday mornings. It’s held in a community center, so no locker room. To avoid changing in a tiny bathroom stall, I just try to wear something that works for both TKD and looking cute the rest of the co-op day!

I have a basic uniform: capri workout pants under a stretchy & comfy army green skirt and some kind of tank top. From there, I can switch up completer pieces and accessories.

Since the prompt for today’s #31days31waysremix challenge (Day 8, hosted by Greater Than Rubies) was Sparkle and Shine, I opted for my black tank with sequin detailing around the neckline and a cute plum velour blazer.


As it turned out, the community center felt like it was 1 million degrees, so most of the day was sans blazer.


Of course, I take my boots and socks off for TaeKwonDo (I even brought sneakers this week after I thought I might die from sore ankles last week! Running barefoot on very hardwood floors apparently is not for me!)

Here’s a closeup of the tank – the sequins are kind of hard to see in the full outfit shots – it’s really there! 😉

Tank: Apt. 9 (thrifted), Capri Workout Leggings: Bally, Skirt: Hanes (thrifted, similar), Blazer: thrifted, Boots: Merrell, Necklace: Jill Platner


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