31 Days 31 Ways: Day 1

It’s Day 1 of a remix challenge over at Greater Than Rubies called 31 Days 31 Ways – I’m super psyched!  In fact, the challenge is the whole reason I actually created this blog – I wanted to be able to link up! 🙂 

So I’ll just be upfront here: I’m not putting any restrictions on myself for number of pieces.  Yet.  I still feel like I’m so new to remixing that I wanted to give myself the freedom to work with any combination of pieces in my closet – I’m still a noob, and I have a lot of exploring to do! I have my favorite pieces and the reality of Seattle weather hemming me in, so I imagine the actual number will be not huge – I’ll definitely tally up the total at the end – maybe even the end of each week!

I *am* using the cheat sheets (prompts) as much as possible – I like a little direction in my remix journey.  I might skip a day here or there as needed.

Prompt for Day 1: Pattern + Color

Wow, this one was tough for me!  I’m not so much a pattern person AND  I had some complicating circumstances: I needed an outfit that not only fit with the challenge but was ALSO going to work with my crazy day – which included a TaeKwonDo class in the middle of a homeschool co-op day – with no locker room to change!  I wanted to be appropriate for class but also cute and challenge ready.  So I basically needed a transformer-style layered outfit.  After a few false starts, this is what I came up with:

31days31ways day 1

I’m just learning the art of timer selfies – be gentle! Still working out the kinks!

So I don’t have a lot of prints – I’m really into solids!  But I *love* this polka dot blouse I found at Goodwill – it fits so well and is super flattering!  So pattern: check.

Now, for color: This stretchy army green skirt is also a new-found Goodwill fave!  I also have a pop of color with my boot socks.  Color: check!

So, my secret TaeKwonDo outfit underneath it all: my favorite gray and gold striped tank (from Target by way of Goodwill) and some Bally workout capri pants – that also look a bit like tights in the complete outfit.

And my favorite Merrell boots round it all out – they are so comfy, I just love them.

So yep – I made it work!  Yay!


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